About Us


Killer is the first truly international Indian brand created and owned by Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited. A brand that is youthful, trendy, vibrant and with an attitude. The focus of the brand is 16-30 years segment. Killer enjoys a leadership position in the premium menswear segment.

Launched in 1989, Killer, today is a power brand. Killer jeans is one of the largest selling denim brand in India. Starting as a jeans brand, the Killer product portfolio today, includes men's ready-to-wear jeans, trousers, cargos, capris, shirts, jackets, tee-shirts, innerwear (vests and briefs), footwear (shoes, socks), time-wear, eye-wear and other addictive accessories (belts, bracelets etc).

A Killer product is not just an apparel, it is a style statement. For an Indian, Killer has, since long exemplified the highest standards of Indian Western denim wear.

The designs of Killer are synonymous with the rebellious streak of youth. In 2002, generation gaps were lowered and so were the waistlines. Killer introduced Low Rise jeans followed by Shreds’ jeans in 2004 for the first time ever in India. Bleached, brushed, ripped, torn and even ridden with bullets, Denims were moulded beyond imagination to give a whole new character to them.

Killer Jeans has always brought innovation and superior design into their product ranges, appealing to the bold, brash, rebellious, unique, creative and sustainable audience. Killer has consistently innovated products like:

  • Worn-Out jeans (2003), with a broken-in look for those who prefer to stand out in the crowd.
  • Revealingly Low jeans (2004), with inherent sex appeal, for those who never have to try too hard, for anything.
  • Shreds (2005), with an unfinished look, for those who dare to be themselves.
  • Jeanos (2017),
  • Sunwash (2018),
  • Water Saver Jeans, for those who believe that style should be sustainable.

The brand has a wide range of casual wear products, hardy gear with cutting edge style, a variety of vibrant washes, treatments, cuts and fits that reflect the attitude of the wearer –- stylish and sexy, cool and comfortable.

We have also promoted the intrinsic allure of denim by in-house development of unique washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities. Today’s sophisticated washings palette represents a full life-story, from raw, unwashed denim through deep indigo dyed to extreme bleached, with treatments adding multiple gradations of wear to create distinctive, textured garments with soul.

Over the last three decades, the Killer design team has constantly evolved and delivered on-trend apparel and accessories. Innovations in style, innovations in designs, innovation in crafting the product have all contributed to building the Killer brand value.

Killer has been in the forefront of brand communication in the Indian advertising. The much-talked-about advertising campaigns in conjunction with the passion, warmth and international attitude connect makes Killer an iconic Indian brand. The print and outdoor campaign accentuate the product offering adding a sensuous tone to the brand image and products.

Killer products are retailed across EBOs (130+), K-Lounge (240+) Large format stores (350+) and MBOs (2000+) to be closer to its consumers and evolve the brand with the changing times.

Killer is all about ATTITUDE!!!!!!!